press refresh︎ is an ongoing group show, open to submissions, showcasing one by one, a selection of digital culture artefacts

all works to be submitted must be internet friendly and belong to any digital art modality and beyond; video, image, sound, animation, immersion, reality augmentation, software related, systems related, and any mix of the above

if your art is digitally generated, or related to digital culture, but does not belong to any of the above; please submit. if you have doubts, please do not

just write a direct link to the work you want to submit︎ add title and your name if you want to have it credited. you can submit now, selection and publishing is ongoing

you are free to submit︎ we are free to select. no bad vibes allowed. check the ongoing artist list︎ to see if you have been selected

see the round refresh button? you can drag it around the screen and place it where you like it best. this button is your passport to amazing digital art

press refresh︎